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Andi Boggs Series

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a mystery series for children (ages 8-12)
Release October 2015

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a mystery series for children (ages 8-12)
Release October 2014

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a mystery series for children (ages 8-12)
Release September 2013

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2015 Agatha Award Winner
Best Children's/YA Mystery


Andi Boggs and her best friend Colin Carter are at it again … in this third book of the Andi Boggs series, Andi Unstoppable, school has begun for the two Killdeer middle schoolers and the science teacher has a great idea! He is an expert birder and wants his class to share in the fun. In a birding group with Colin and her biggest school rival, Ava, Andi sets out to be the first student in class to spot the elusive Kirtland's warbler but ends up spotting the town’s resident ghost instead!

Together with her friends, Andi takes on another small town mystery—is the legend of the ghost of Dominika Shalley more than just a story? And does her sudden appearance have anything to do with the holes the friends find in the Shalley graveyard as they look for the rare bird?

"I always love the authenticity of Amanda Flower’s plot and characters. Nothing about any of her books is cookie cutter...
If you’re looking for a middle grade small-town mystery wrought with humor and kindness, or just a good book overall, it is worth your while to pick up “Andi Unstoppable." 

-Emma, 12 year old reviewer

“The first two books in Tallmadge author Amanda Flower’s juvenile series about Andi Boggs, a seventh-grader who solves mysteries with her best friend, were nominated for Agatha Awards, and there is no reason to expect that Andi Unstoppable, the third entry in the series, won’t be honored as well.” – Akron Beacon Journal

There's tension, betrayal, plenty of clues, family upsets, and enough twists and turns to keep the pages turning. Andi and Colin are great characters and even Ava grows on you in time.” – Gumshoe Reviews

2014 Agatha Award Nominee
Best Children's/YA Mystery


Twelve-year-old Andora ‘Andi’ Boggs and her new best friend Colin Carter couldn’t be more excited to attend the prestigious science camp at the local university in Killdeer, Ohio. Unfortunately, Discovery Camp’s curriculum appears to include much more than just chemistry and biology. From day one, the university is plagued by a series of pranks---missing markers, loose crickets, and stolen scales. Campus security blames the mysterious janitor Polk, but even though Andi agrees he’s acting suspicious, she can’t believe the gentle old man would do anything illegal. Then one prank goes too far and their chemistry professor is injured by an explosion in the lab, upping the stakes of the investigation. Andi and Colin must unravel the secrets behind the chemistry department and Polk’s dark past before danger closes the camp for goo

"Call Andi Boggs precocious, call her nosy, or call her both. Here, on day two of the two-week Discovery Camp, Andi and best friend Colin Carter have stumbled onto their second sleuthing adventure (following Andi Unexpected, 2013). Someone is trying to sabotage the chemistry department or its head. But who? Andi and Carter are set on solving the mystery and begin to eliminate suspects. Only in fictional smalltown America could two 12-year-olds have freedom to roam with so little adult supervision; still, in her page-turning style, Flower builds effective suspense, allowing readers to again root for the duo." -Booklist

“Twelve-year-old Andi, the indomitable sleuth who uncovered a long-dormant family mystery following the death of her parents in Andi Unexpected (2013), now turns her attention to unexplained pranks at a science camp. Short chapters keep up a fast pace in this thrilling yet poignant tale.”-School Library Journal

"While this is for middle grade readers, the story is multi-threaded and the mystery convoluted enough to make it challenging. Best of all, Andi and Colin don't run off on adventures without taking some care that they'll be safe. They talk to adults and ask questions of the right people." -Gumshoe Reviews

2013 Agatha Award Nominee
Best Children's/YA Mystery

An orphan starting a new life.
A hidden trunk.
And a forgotten namesake..

Twelve-year-old Andora “Andi” Boggs and her sister Bethany move to rural Ohio to live with their eccentric aunt after the sudden death of their parents. While dealing with her grief, Andi discovers proof of another Andora Boggs hidden in a Depression-era trunk. No one remembers this Andora. Andi, with the help of her new friend Colin Carter, is determined to find out who Andora was and what happened to her.

"I really loved 'Andi Unexpected' and I recommend it to anybody who’s in the mood for a leave-me-alone-I-want-to-finish-this-book type book. I really hope it’s a series so I get to find out what happens to Andi in the future. I have a feeling Colin and Andi aren’t just going to turn out to be the sit-still-at-home type of people."
-Emma, 10-year-old reviewer

"Action-packed with appealing characters and great plot twists, the book is a solid mystery series opener. Andi is sure to please kids with her earnest likability and determined constitution."
-School Library Journal

"Amanda Flower's witty and intriguing delivery of a young detective trying to uncover the town's greatest mystery will keep you entertained and wanting more. The suspense will bring you on your toes, while the characters will leave you smiling. There is a cool touch of history thrown into the book as well, adding another useful element to this read."
-Girls Life Magazine

"Flower weaves in some history and also shines a light on the emotional difficulties the two recently orphaned girls experience... Characterizations... stand out as nicely individualistic... Some life-threatening suspense highlights the book’s climax, and a small smattering of religion keeps the story appropriate for a Christian audience. A fun little detective story with some simple life lessons."
- Kirkus Reviews

"In the upstanding tradition of Nancy Drew and Harriet the Spy, Andi is spunky and unafraid to take risks, though she draws the line when Colin’s life is threatened. Flower, an accomplished adult mystery author, offers here her first work for children, but not her last—sequels are on the way." -Booklist

"Flower creates a cast of memorable characters and a colorful, historically detailed setting. Though a somewhat sinister foe threatens to derail Andi's investigation, she proves a resourceful sleuth. Throughout, the realistic but warm rapport between the sisters and their aunt is the tent pole for a story about starting anew while remembering the past." -Publishers Weekly

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